A Complete Beginner’s Guide to 2D Animation & 3D Animation.

In our last blog, we learnt about the VFX, Animation, and Graphic Designing fields. In this blog, we aim to help you out by providing all the important information about 2D and 3D Animation courses in Pune, so that you can make the right choice!Do you remember the evenings you used to return from school to binge-watch Tom and Jerry, Bob-The Builder, and Popeye- the sailor man? It was the golden hour of our day when we laughed hard till our stomachs hurt. They were even our Superheroes, role models, and super-fun cartoons.

The kids today might not know the characters, but they were the real heroes in the emergence of 2D animation. But the onset of 3D animation took over the legacy. It changed how images and scenes are portrayed on screen, which fascinated many youngsters to look at it as a career option. And probably that’s the reason you are reading this article, right? Let’s dive into the basics of Animation.

The Definition Of 2D And 3D Animation

2D Animation

It is the art of creating object and character motions in a two-dimensional space that concentrates only on length and width. This includes characters, creatures, VFX, and backgrounds. It is popularly used in advertising, comics, product demos, and brand videos such as educational and infotainment(Information+Entertainment) videos. 

3D Animation

3D animation is performed using computer software to handle the creation and movement of 3D models in a digital environment. Compared to 2D, 3D animation is much more complex and involves modeling, animation, and rendering. 3D animation is primarily used in the movies, gaming, and cartoon industry, and is commonly used in high-end production.

Difference between 2D and 3D Animation

In traditional 2D animation, everything you visualize is drawn by hands, frame by frame. In 3D animation, you create or model the characters and objects in a 3D environment, and animate them using special 3D animation software. While skilled drawing is an additional benefit, it is not imperative in 3D animation.   Despite the differences between 2D and 3D animation, the artists prefer a mix of both techniques for breath-taking visuals.   Let’s see how you can get into 2D or 3D animation and make a bright career as an Animator.

How to start a career in Animation.

The best way to start a career as an Animator is with a Diploma degree or a full-time degree program. Students willing to enter the Animation domain are always confused about Degree and Animation Diploma in Pune

Degrees are educational achievements that help shape better perspectives, have the know-how of the subject, whereas a Diploma makes you an expert in a particular subject. To be honest, with a degree the chances of fetching a better deal are higher. 

The minimum criteria for admission in the Diploma course are to have passed the 10th standard. For a 3-year Degree course, the criteria is 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board. You can also choose Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Science or BVC / Bachelor of Science as a degree in any stream is a minimum criterion.

If you are wondering, which one to choose, degree or diploma? Truth be told, it is your personal preference. The benefits of the Animation Diploma in Pune lie in its affordability and short duration. However, a Degree course offers Learning with additional skills like critical thinking and analysis, networking opportunities for future career options.
It is advisable to go through in detail the offerings of each and understand the nuances. 

Animation is a versatile profession. In addition to mastering basic artistic skills and software, the course challenges you to develop acting and observation skills. Animators work hand in hand with the other assets. Successful animator artists need to be able to work in teams, accept and work on the feedback. 

Times and Trends Academy, Koregaon Park offer both Online/Offline Animation degree and diploma courses. Visit TTA, Koregaon Park to know more. 

2D and 3D Animation Syllabus

2D Course Syllabus

  • Animation Principles
  • Clay Modeling & Stop-motion
  • Adobe After Effect 1
  • Animation Worldwide
  • Adobe Animate CC

3D Course Syllabus

  • History of Visual Art
  • Art & Design 1
  • Art & Design 2
  • Art of Photography & Videography
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Movie Making 1
  • Maya 1(Modeling, Texturing)
  • Maya 2 (Rigging, Lighting)
  • Maya 3 (Effects, Rendering)
  • EVS
  • Design Project 2

Animation Job Profiles

  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Animation graphics
  • Game developer
  • Art director
  • Animator
  • Flash animator
  • Film and Video editor
  • 3D Animator
  • Video Game designer

Animation Industry/Sector

  • Education Sector
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Advertisement Industry
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Arts
  • Gaming Industry
  • Simulations
  • Retail Industry
  • Architecture and Engineering Industry

Along with these widely acknowledged areas, the animation is used in the industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Medical as well.

What is the certification we get upon completion of the course?

After the successful completion of the course,

Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park issues dual certification for Animation Diploma in Pune and Degree to its students –

  1. A Degree student gets certification from a UGC-approved university and certification from Times & Trends Academy.
  2. A Diploma student gets an International certification from the prestigious City Of Oxford College, UK, and certification from Times & Trends Academy. 

Salary of Animators.

Junior Animators or trainees earn between INR 1.00 lakh to INR 1.80 lakhs annually. 

With 3 to 5 years experience, they can earn between INR 3.00 lakhs to INR 4.80 lakhs annually. 

 An experienced Animator with an excellent portfolio of Animation work can earn between INR 6.00 lakhs to INR 8.00 lakhs annually.

Explore Animation Courses in Pune

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