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2D Animation course in pune

2D Animation

The importance of pursuing skill based subjects has been told on all levels to create the awareness and propagate the vast scope in those fields. Animation is one such skill which, if learned with complete sincerity and passion, will ensure a bright future considering the ever increasing demand of experts in this sector. This Animation and vfx course will help the student to get familiar with the initial skills required for achieving expertise in the world of animation. This Animation and vfx course is a short course and hence enables the speculating student get clarity for future plans in his/her career.

3D Animation

As the entertainment sector expanded with the increasing demand for variety, so did the animation field. What was earlier limited to cartoons and exclusively childish content has today gained a position of importance in world cinema. Hence a bachelor’s degree in animation is the best a student aspiring to excel in this field can do to acquire all the basic skills needed to practice animation as a profession. We provide in this animation and vfx course an extensive variety of subjects which are chosen keeping in mind the changing nature of this sector. The student will graduate with confidence and sufficient knowledge not only to stand in the competition of the professional world but to prove their excellence in every situation.

3D Animation course in pune
Visual effects course in pune

Visual Effects

With the advancements in the technologies, the things that seemed impossible are easily doable, visual effects being one of these things. Most of the visuals in cinema and advertising are the result of technical marvels. This animation and vfx course in pune opens the doors of this amazing world for the student who wishes to try his hand at this aspect of film making. Times and trends academy have specially designed this course to cover all the necessary aspects in this field. This all round curriculum is supplemented by the recognition in the form of an international certificate. This Animation and VFX course is a promising course for those with a passion for film making and visual effects.

Graphic Design

Globalization has led to an unforeseen competition among the brands to promote themselves and make a mark in the market. This necessitates excellent marketing strategies and with social media marketing gaining popularity, the need for able graphic designers has seen increase in recent times. We offer this animation and vfx course in which all the necessary modules are covered and at the end of the course the student is well acquainted with the industry and its functioning in and out in terms of graphic designing. This graphic designing course is well suited for those who aspire to make a successful career in designing of print media and the likes.

Graphic Designing course in pune
3D Modeling course in pune

3D Modeling

The world of animation has undergone tremendous transformation and it no longer remains restricted to a media meant for the entertainment of kids. There has been a lot of innovation and experimenting going on, which demands a constant updating of knowledge for those active in this profession and imagination thus becomes an irreplaceable trait. This animation and vfx course takes into consideration the vastness of this field and makes students capable of facing the challenges of the professional world while keeping up with the trends. This 3D modeling course offer an international certificate and that will aid the student to establish superiority among competitors.

What sets us apart?

The immense competition in every walk of life is not a secret anymore and it requires all those who aspire to prove themselves in this race to armor them with the latest knowledge. We, Times and trends academy, are familiar with the exact situation in the professional world and encourage no delusional ideas, instead nurture and kindle in the students all the characteristics that are essential for a steady growth in their respective professions. In fields like animation, utmost importance is given to the process of being introduced to the advancements in the field and developing of a thought process to keep up with the pace of the technical progresses. We ensure the student proper and able guidance in every way as per requested and provide access to the most recent developments in the field.

Animation & vfx course in pune
Animation Course in pune
Chief Mentor animation

Mr. Hemant Shinde

Industry Expert

Hemant Shinde is veteran industry artist and an active professional in Animation & VFX industry. He has played a major role in 3D stereoscopic conversion of India & most iconic movie Sholey 3D. He is currently associated with Maya Nagri World One and Sholay Media Pvt. Ltd. as Technical & Creative Director. He has more than 15 years of experience in CG Animation & VFX Compositing across domestic and International Television series, Ad films and feature films. Some of his notable professional credentials are 3D series Jack Frost, Sons of Ram, Toonpur ka Superhero, Ramayana: The Epic and Sholay 3D. He has worked with many famous Television channels and Studios such as BBC – UK, Cartoon Network, Warner Brother Studios, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and Nickelodeon. After his fair share of working with television channels he has worked with major big brands like Volkswagen, Red Bull, Coca Cola to create engaging audio-visual films and advertisements. Mr. Hemant Shinde has utilized his expertise in the right way and successfully contributed to the Indian Animation and VFX industry. His Filmmaking skills have been praised along with his ability to create engaging content.