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“We help teenagers & youth to bring out their creativity & become a highly successful professional so that they can achieve peace of mind, financial freedom & a career for life.”

Event Management

Event Management Course in Pune

Event Management

With the increase in people’s standard of living, the need for seeking professional help to plan various events arose, especially in the upper class. The management of such events is a task requiring utmost discipline, presence of mind and ability to work under pressure. The course we offer is curated to meet all these requirements and provide the student with all the necessary guidance and experience needed to meticulously plan the events as well as to face the potential challenges in the execution of the plans. Covering all the areas expected to be mastered by the student in order to have a promising career, this event management course also gives international certification, unlike other competent academies. Learn more about event management course in Pune

Event Business Planning​

To start your own business is the dream of many people and this course will take you a step further towards our dream of event planning. Sound knowledge of the basics will be the foundation on which the edifice of your business will stand strong. This course is all you need, to gain the precise knowledge, that can aid you while establishing your own business. This event management course will also gain international recognition for the students and will catalyze their development.
event management courses in pune
Best Event management course in pune


In any event, the person in charge of the on-stage management and entertainment is the anchor. The ease with which, humorously, the anchor carries out the whole event is deceptive; in reality, it’s a huge responsibility to keep the audience entertained while constantly thinking about several things. An anchor needs the charm to impress the audience. All this is taught in our course and if you think you have the innate talent to play with words and entertain people, this event management course is for you!

Personal Grooming

What do we mean by Personal Grooming Courses? Today, the impressions you cast on other people do matter a lot. The way people perceive your image holds a lot of weight in life. Some people would say we cannot control how other people think of us. But, this is a myth. We can certainly control the way people perceive us. We can project the image that we want to. All we need is an Image Makeover. For this lies the need of Personal Grooming  Courses. The Personal Grooming Courses include personality development, presentation skills, selling skills, dressing skills and other etiquettes. In short, the Personal Grooming Courses help you reinvent yourself and be more confident.

Event management course
event management course in pune

Set Design

Set designing is a branch of art direction that has gained importance with the increased number of events, be it small scale family functions or large scale corporate events. This field is immensely demanding in terms of creativity as the décor needs to be in accord with the nature of the event and sometimes in a limited space and lower budget. There is room for innovation and the ever-changing trends do not appreciate the repetition of any kind. This event management course includes training for inculcating in the student all the necessary attributes essential for the pursuit of a career.

What sets us apart?

There are some subjects in the event management courses whose theoretical knowledge is not enough without any practical experience, event management is one of them. We make it a point to focus on the practical application of the theory studied by the students. With our industry experts, the students gain an insight into the methods of working professionally and the valuable experience they share serves as guidance for our students. Such an approach towards teaching is what we prefer to conventional classroom teaching. The lectures and sessions are interactive and no questions or ideas are shunned. These characteristics of our teaching and learning model make it an enriching and life-altering experience instead of becoming a stressful part of life.

event management course in pune
Event management classes in pune
Pravin sir

Mr. Pravin Jadhav

Industry expert

After his long career in the event industry, Mr. Pravin Jadhav is now the master of India’s most popular career i.e. events industry. Marking up career of numerous DJ’s, Mr. Jadhav is known for his versatile skill sets. Apart from events & DJing, Pravin Jadhav has also played a central role in production unit of many movies. His event company EPositive Productions has successfully handled production of many feature length films and corporate events. Pravin Jadhav possess some advanced skills suitable for event management as well, he is certified by JBL USA for VTX line array rigging. Such skills make him an all-rounder event manager. He has been associated with Times & Trends Academy as a trainer and mentor since almost half a decade. We, Times & Trends Academy will continue this association for many years to come. As a Industry Mentor for Event Management, Event Productions, Event Planning Business & Reverse Innovation programs offered by TTA, Mr. Pravin Jadhav will conduct workshops for TTA students as well as provide opportunities to TTA students.