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Event Management Courses In Pune

Do You Dream of Commencing your own Event Management Company?

Do you want to be the next successful ‘EVENT MANAGER’? Do You wish to own an Event Management Company? Then times and trends academy Koregaon park will help you TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A REALITY! And Our Event Management Courses In Pune will be the commencement of your event management career.

Are you sure about Event Management is the right career for you? Let us learn more about the event management course!

Event Management is an acknowledged field of work that needs knowledge of the market, planning the right thing at the right time of the event, and many other topics. 

The position of Event Manager is developing as an artistic, exciting, and upright position. 

Times and trends academy is one of the best event management institute in Pune. 

The knowledge required for an event manager to execute an event may include monetary risks, time limitations, and other variables. 

This demands that the event management course syllabus at times and trends academy aims to produce skillful and proficient event managers. 

All the abilities wanted in the Event Management business are granted by our event management institute in Pune

Pune is a fantastic educational destination for students from all across India who wish to seek their degree in event management college in Pune. 

Times and trends academy is a preferred institute for students who explore event management college in Pune. 

An event is a multimedia set conducted with a preconceived notion, personalized or modified to deliver the client’s aspirations of striking out and fit leading the sharply defined, primarily associated target audience by presenting an utterly delightful experience and a boulevard for two-way communication. 

Throughout the year, there is compelling and hands-on training in the live events collaborated by Times and trends academy, Koregoan Park, an event management Institute in Pune. Event management is an area that is proliferating and forecasts to have a greater growth rate in the coming years. 

After completing their degree in event management from Times and Trends Academy Koregaon Park, Pune, a famous event management class in Pune, students can begin their distinguished career as Event Manager. All the experienced faculty members’ overall efforts, cooperative non-teaching staff, and skillful students make Times and Trends Academy Koregaon Park one of the sought-after event management Institutes in Pune.

event management course in pune
  • Are you good with people and have excellent interpersonal skills?
  • Did you wish to handle and organize school and college events?
  • Do you think you are amazing at disaster management?
  • Are you a creative person when it comes to venue decor concepts and executions?
  • Do you handle time well?
  • Do you have leadership qualities leading teams towards achieving a common objective?

If you answered yes to all or most of the above questions, you are cut out to be an event manager, and you need to start with an Event Management Courses In Pune.

India’s event management industry improved leaps and bounds over the preceding decade, and it is expected to be a 5000 million industry by the end of 2021. It takes courage, confidence, locus, and enthusiasm for organizing to be a good event manager.

An Event Management Course in Pune is a unique option where more emphasis is given to your talent and capability for the industry than textbook learning. Times and Trends Academy offers a world-class Event Management Course that enables you to stand out in the industry. Our Event Management Courses In Pune is based on developing skills. So it has a practical-based teaching approach. There are seminars, guest speeches. This Event Management Course has online programs to amplify your personality as well.

If you have a passion for events, join the Top Event Management Courses in Pune, India. This is the right Event Management Course for you.

Is event management a good career option?

Event management has the aspect of media and glamour associated with it which is appealing and advantageous to any person working in the industry. 

Because of the increasing trend in the marketing, advertising and retail sector, there is a demand for event managers. Moreover, work freedom and flexibility are some of the vital benefits of the role.  

Surely, event management is becoming a bright career option for individuals who like to think out of the box and bring an artistic elegance to it.  

What is Event Management Course Duration?

Times and Trends, Koregoan Park, Pune has designed an Event Management Diploma Course which spans for a year

We also provide a constructive Event Business Planning course for 2nd-year duration & a Short Term 3 months course for Anchoring & Set Design each here at TTA, Pune.

Who is eligible to enroll in an Event Management Training course?

Any student who has completed the 12th examination is eligible to enroll in an Event Management Training Course. 

This also includes students who have pursued and are pursuing a bachelors or masters. 

There is no age limit that restricts anyone from studying event management. Starting your education in Event Management right after 12th is a great decision as by the time you complete your graduation, you will simultaneously have completed your course in Event Management and in fact start your exciting career in Event Management Industry as well. 

The eligibility criteria for Event Management – 10th pass for the 1-year diploma course, 12th Pass for 2-year Business Planning Course & eligible for City of Oxford College UK’s Certificate, Graduate / Postgraduate from any stream can apply for this course. We offer both Diploma and Degree options to choose from.

Is there any age limit?

You have to be 18+ in age to be able to pursue event management course, You can opt for regular course or be a part of all the live events by Times and trends academy.

What is the certification we get upon completion of course?

After pursuing an Event Management course, there is a dual certification a student receives

1. Certificate from Times and Trends Academy for Event Management

2. Set Design & Anchoring courses 

3. An Event Management Certificate from esteemed City of Oxford College, UK.

How Flexible is The Scheduling?

The scheduling depends upon the client/industry expert’s time commitments and we need to follow them as we belong to the service industry. 

But for a dynamic and creative field as Event Management, students should begin their studies with an open heart and mind. There isn’t a fixed schedule as such. 

Skills Required for Event Management.

Students who are eager, interested and passionate about Event Management would be able to learn a wide range of skills required to be a highly successful event planner. 

They need to be open to exploring various events and planning activities. 

One of the vital requirements is a good sense of observation and keenness towards learning. This will make the application of these skills will make for a wholesome and engaging study experience for you. 

What After Event Management Course?

Pursuing a Diploma in Event Management course enables multiple career options such as-

  • Event Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Client Servicing Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Celebrity Manager
  • Set Designer
  • Anchor

An Event Business Planning course will open bright career avenues such as –

  • Wedding Planner
  • Sales Head
  • Marketing Head
  • Event Stylist
  • Wedding Stylist
  • Entrepreneur

Event Management Placement Trends

During the Event Management Courses and after, we offer students many internship opportunities to get a chance to be exposed to the industry while learning. 

This largely helps students create their own network within, grasp the know-how and experience from the industry. Students can also apply for jobs in the companies if they like their work and the atmosphere. 

On the other hand, deserving students are also offered various job opportunities by the companies during the internship.
Companies that hire Event Management degree/diploma/certificate holders through direct hiring.

A huge number of companies are listed with us who provide work opportunities for Event Management degree/diploma/certificate holders through direct hiring. 

Pune, one of the eight largest metropolises in India and a cosmopolitan city, is rich in culture and heritage. 

There are plenty of occasions to chance upon. Along with that, opportunities also come knocking from Mumbai, the commercial and entertainment capital of India. There are opportunities from other cities nearby Pune and the whole of Maharashtra. That said, if the student is open to travel, they will be rewarded with event planning pan India.

Event Management Modes of Study in Pune (full time/part time/online)

Students enrolled with us have the freedom to choose full-time, part-time, online, off-line, weekends, weekdays or fast-track as per their requirements. 

We have given them this flexibility because we understand that students, despite their age have different needs and commitments. This is why strive to create achievable learning outcomes for them. 

There are special weekend batches with a part-time course conducted at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park dedicated to working professionals and students pursuing graduation or post-graduation courses. 

The integral element here is our 360-degree holistic approach towards education that Times and Trends follows to benefit the development of our students. 

Moreover, driving our dedication towards effective online learning forward, Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park offers an online course in Event Management through IDL (Indian Design League), its dedicated online platform.

Different Courses offered in Event Management

Times and Trends offers various experiential-learning intensive and flexible courses –

  1. Event Management 1-year diploma course
  2. Event Management Business course
  3. Short Term Anchoring course
  4. Short Term Set Design course

What are the major subjects taught in Event Management programs?

The course syllabus is a part of our holistic approach towards students. With the balance in theory and practical knowledge, the course content is in tune with the current trends of the industry. Popular subjects include  – 

  1. Basics of Event management, 
  2. Production & Allied Services, 
  3. F & B Hospitality Logistics, 
  4. Marketing Branding, 
  5. Sales Finance, and more

Event management course curriculum.

Taught by industry experts with a focus on teaching real-world knowledge, TTA follows a research-driven and skill-intensive learning pattern for students to be able to grasp the concepts with ease.  The Event Management Course Curriculum is equally comprised of theoretical and practical knowledge from the contemporary industry terms –

  • Basics of Event Management
  • Production & Allied Services
  • F & B, Photo, Video, Security, Hospitality & Logistics
  • Sponsorship/ Marketing/ Branding/ Celebrity Management/ Licensing & Permissions
  • English / Presentation/ Sales/ Finance & Taxation
  • Set Design
  • Anchoring

How Affordable is Studying Event Management in Pune?

Pune is best known as the best educational hub and the “Oxford of the East” which is why is stands out amongst other cities. 

The cost of living here is affordable and appealing to the student culture around the city. There are various places around the town specifically known for their affordability and student-friendliness. 

As per their ease, comfort and budget, students can choose their accommodation, food and other facilities without much trouble. Pune’s educational spots are also known to have a wide range of hostels for both boys and girls and PG’s.

How to join event management course?

Students can visit our centre in Koregoan Park for Event Management Course application at Time & Trends Academy, in the same location. You can also choose to enroll online with the support of our career counsellors.