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what is the fashion designing course syllabus in 2021

Fashion Designing is a study of ever-changing trends in the fashion industry and fashion market. Fashion designing syllabus involves the in-depth study of converting artistic talent and creativity in manufacturing products like clothing, accessories, textiles, etc. The fashion designing course syllabus is designed to offer our students to recognize their true potential and develop their ability or skill in their area of expertise. The curriculum of fashion designing at Times and trends academy, Koregaon park branch, enables the learner to build fundamental core skills practically and interactively.

fashion designing course syllabus in 2021

Designing a syllabus outline for a course like fashion designing is necessary, which summarizes all the essential elements of a course, including topics to be covered, a weekly schedule, a list of tests, assignments, and their durations. Every successful course requires careful planning with the discussion of course goals, teaching strategies, course content, teaching philosophies, and specific responsibilities of each mentor in the course.

The main motto of this fashion designing syllabus is to create student interest, build their knowledge and understanding of each topic in fashion, and enhance students’ creative design skills and personal development. This fashion designing course is ideal for those who want to be entrepreneurs or want to fulfill their dreams of working in the glamorous world of fashion. To convert your dreams into reality, this fashion designing course helps you to start stepping up toward your goals with the following fashion designing syllabus subjects:-

Fashion designing course syllabus - Elements and Principles of Design:

These are the essential ingredients and an analyzing frame for every person or designer; thus there are vital to be included in the fashion designing course. While creating any design, the components that interact are the elements of design.
These elements and principles of design are the tools used by designers while designing a garment or a manufacturer while constructing any apparel to enhance the designed garment’s appearance. The elements and principles of design are flexible and should be interpreted within the context of current fashion.
By learning and using the elements and principles of design, you will increase your understanding of how and why some things work together, and some don’t look appropriate in fashion designing. Each design is an arrangement of all elements together to create an appealing visual image that includes lines, color, texture, and shape, and principles have (rhythm, emphasis, proportion, balance, and unity) are that like how elements can combine aesthetically.

Elements and Principles of Design

Fashion designing course syllabus - Introduction to Textiles:

This module in the fashion designing course gives an overview of the textile industry and in-depth information about design, fibers, fabrics, and manufacturing techniques. The textile study will show the different properties of different materials and how they have additional features.
The textiles portion in the fashion designing course also gives you thorough knowledge to prevent mistakes while buying and selling merchandise. The initial interest will be when you discover a natural fascination with fabrics, mainly when you handle or feel the textile material. A detailed study starts from the origination, manufacturing, and then finishing off the final product.

Fashion designing course syllabus - Fashion Illustration:

Fashion illustration is an essential portion of the fashion designing course syllabus. It is the art of transforming your ideas or imagination into reality with many mediums in fashion designing. Fashion Illustration is a module designed for enhancing student’s creative skills in fashion designing.
Fashion illustration is an amalgamation of the first two modules, which gives insight into the texture and feel of that particular fabric you want to show in your design. Fashion illustration is sketching right from the fashion figures to the design garment outline (Silhouette) and fabric rendering (Shows the flow and drape of fabric design).
This rendering technique shows the 3D effect of a sketch by giving shading and lines for fabric draping. A fashion illustration is a more detailed type of fashion drawing that might include color and accessories. The fashion figure might have an unmistakable face or hairstyle to showcase an overall look.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion designing course syllabus - Pattern Making:

Pattern making is a fundamental step of the garment construction part in fashion designing. Pattern Making in fashion designing is a technical process after sketching the beautiful styles on paper. Pattern making is used to cut the fabrics. Every detail has been written on that draft, like several cuts and grain lines, so no one gets confused while cutting any garment and disturb the design.
This also helps to save the garment from wastage. These patterns are made because the same designs and styles can be duplicated or adapt to create multiple pieces. This is the core and crucial step of garment construction. With the technical advancement, pattern making is being done on computers with software like CAD.

Fashion designing course syllabus - Garment Construction:

This module in fashion designing is in-depth knowledge of placement, markings, cutting, seams (stitching), finishing of a garment. This also involves handling different fabrics, different finishing techniques, and other ways of cutting.
It is essential to know the methods of sewing for producing attractive garments with a good fit. The appearance and fit of a garment are highly dependent on each process.
Product development is the most critical of garment manufacturing. If the garment is made correctly in terms of fit, style, color, and design at the initial stage, half the battle is won. An excellent perfect fit contributes to the success of any style

Garment Construction

Fashion designing course syllabus - Surface Ornamentation:

This technique in fashion designing gives you an unlimited opportunity to enhance your garment. Be it traditional printing techniques and embroideries to modern ornamentation techniques, be it hand embroidery to machine embroidery, there are various ways to adorn your attire. This includes basic embroidery, traditional embroidery, sequins work, tie and dye, block-printing, etc. It is a process of adding charm by colors, pattern, texture, or design to the fabric.

Fashion designing course syllabus - Computer Aided Designing:

This is computer software used to design things digitally. CAD software is a computer-aided graphic design tool for creating digital fashion sketches, garment design, artwork, and other elements related to apparel and footwear creation. Fashion design software intends to help designers create digital fashion blueprints that communicate how a design should look once manufactured. The most crucial benefit of this software is that it speeds up the work of fashion designing, this enables everyone to work more quickly, more accurately and save costs.

Computer Aided Designing

Fashion designing course syllabus - Computer Applications:

This module in fashion designing course is designed for basic knowledge of computers. This includes the applications like word, Internet browsing, maintain excel, PowerPoint presentations. These are the essential skills that everyone should have because they give you the talent to showcase your work beautifully. This also saves your time from your busy schedule of making portfolios.

Fashion designing course syllabus - Communication Skills:

Being a fashion designer, you need to develop your image and communication skills because sometimes you can interact with famous fashion icons or get the opportunity to work under them in the fashion industry. This module is designed to enhance your image (Personal image & Interactive skills). Apart from this, listening is also an essential part of communication, focusing more on what other people say. It conveys respect and a willingness to hear the other person’s point of view.

Communication Skills

Fashion designing course syllabus - Fashion Show:

Fashion Show

This is a vast platform to showcase your talent in front of very renowned designers and very celebrities in the fashion designing world. This platform allows you to add professional photoshoot pictures to complement your respective portfolios. You can communicate with your target audience about recent fashion trends and your upcoming collection of fashion accessories through this event.

Shikha Arora maam

Shikha Arora is active in the role of a Mentor for Fashion Design Domain here at Times &
Trends Academy, Koregaon Park. After completing her BA in Fashion Designing &
Garment Construction from BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar, she completed her
M.Sc. in Fashion Designing & Merchandising from there. While studying, she bagged 1st
prize under various categories. Started her career as an instructor at Lifelong Learning

Department, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar for 1.5 years. Simultaneously she was
running her own designer studio for 2.5 years. She is very passionate about Fashion
Design and has an overall experience of 3.5+ years into Fashion Mentoring.
She is passionate about Painting. She also likes to cook north Indian delicacies. She
enjoys Bollywood music & being a nature lover she also enjoys travelling to exotic
locations. She is sincere and dedicated and is also a Team Player. Working closely with
Fashion Design Students to raise the quality bar and helping students further their
career growth is her forte. She is dependable being able to juggle multiple priorities and
meet tight deadlines without compromising quality is what makes her unique at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park Branch.

Ms. Shikha Arora

Mentor, Fashion Domain

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