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“We help teenagers & youth to bring out their creativity & become a highly successful professional so that they can achieve peace of mind, financial freedom & a career for life.”


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Fashion Designing

Due to the apparent glamour attached to the word ‘fashion’, fashion designing has been a sought after career option among many in the recent past. Though the field has much more than glamour and demands tireless efforts that are often concealed to the common eye, this is a wonderful world for those passionate about clothes and styling and aesthetics. This fashion designing course renders the student with an adequate skill set and nurtures a sense of creativity in the right direction which is crucial for a bright future in the fashion industry.

Fashion Styling

The way something is presented is a deciding factor on how it is received by the consumers. Hence, presentation or styling holds a position of utmost importance in the branding of a particular product. In this course, we make our students ready to face the professional world with sufficient knowledge and experience in styling and other skills under that domain. This fashion designing course gains the student an international certificate which adds considerable weightage to the portfolio. The practical application of the course makes it very popular among the students. This is an emerging field and well suited for those with an eye for aesthetics.

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Fashion and Lifestyle Boutique Management

Startups with offbeat strategies have done so well in the recent past and entrepreneurship is what has attracted the youth on account of its nature which demands taking risk but values efforts. In the fashion world as well, experimental tendencies are always welcomed with open arms. To equip the students with essential characteristics which are indispensable for excelling in the fashion industry, we have designed this fashion designing course and with such relevant knowledge at hand, the learner is guaranteed to transform into a self-sufficient entrepreneur at the end of this course. The international certification is sure to gain the student an upper edge in the professional world.

Fashion Reverse Innovation

Bollywood, having an enormous influence over the minds of people in India, is also responsible for your initial ideas about the world of glamour and fashion. This fashion designing course is specially designed to get students acquainted with the realities of the fashion sector and provide the necessary grounds to kick start a successful career in Bollywood. The disillusionment of the conventional beliefs and rendering first-hand experience of the industry, which proves to be a boon for those who aspire to seek their niche in the fashion industry, are some unique features of this fashion designing course.

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What sets us apart?

At times and trends academy, we adhere to an axiom- Give your utmost effort, for no goal, is unachievable. We believe in the competence of discipline and perseverance and proudly claim, not without validity, that these very attributes lay the foundation of our teaching methods. We not only motivate the students to expand the horizons of their knowledge but also provide them with the necessary guidance to make the most of their caliber. Aiming to achieve the ideal, we make sure to maintain a free flow of ideas and not restrict the teaching to a one-way process. The environment in our campus radiates supportiveness, and a sense of confidence is thus induced in the students, which is their take away from our institute.

Some salient features of our academy are:

  • Highly qualified faculty members with prolific work experience.
  • State of the art infrastructural facilities to enable access to the latest trends and technologies currently in vogue in the respective fields of learning.
  • A comprehensive teaching and learning approach with a wide range of courses, each with an up-to-date syllabus, to cater to masses.
  • 100% placement assistance and portfolio development.
  • Opportunities to interact with experts working in the industry and exposure provided by hands-on experience in different exhibitions, workshops, etc.
  • Prestigious international certificates and acknowledgment on an international level.

These claims can be supported by many students, whose lives have been changed for good and have been led to the right path by us. In the sphere of education and different institutions around what makes us stand apart is our 97% placement’s record in almost every year. Our students, scintillating like stars in the professional world, are our real assets!

Fashion students
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Mr. Chandrakant Sonawane


We are proud to have India’s well-known Bollywood costume designer, Chandrakant as Chief Mentor for Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Fashion Design Business Programs offered by TTA. Chandrakant is the lead costume designer for the Bollywood superhit movies Pratisaad, Bhoomi, Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat & Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s first Marathi film, ‘Bucket List’ etc. He is now one of the most sought after Costume Designers of the Indian Film Industry. Chandrakant is also a former student of Mr. Amit Agrawal and has always highly valued Mr. Agrawal’s mentorship. Chandrakant says, “I come from a modest background. Amit sir’s encouragement, mentorship, and guidance gave me immense confidence, and that really helped me shape my early career.” As Chief Mentor for Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Fashion Business Programs offered by Times and Trends Academy, Chandrakant will conduct workshops for TTA students as well as provide internships to TTA students.