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“We help teenagers & youth to bring out their creativity & become a highly successful professional so that they can achieve peace of mind, financial freedom & a career for life.”


The reason you are here at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park  and reading this itself indicates that you are very serious about your career or that of someone you really love.

After finishing his 12th Exams, Bharat was given an ultimatum of 2 years by his parents to establish a career path for himself or join his family business. Sounds familiar, Isn’t it? However, Bharat has finally found a way to bring out his creativity and achieve Peace of Mind, Financial Freedom and a Career for Life. If this sounds unfamiliar, good for you. You don’t need this!

In today’s world, the problem is not about “Availability of Options”, rather it is about choosing the “Right One for Yourself”. As a student, we all went through the same dilemma; however, we have learned through our mistakes. You don’t need to repeat those mistakes because we are here to guide – You are @ #RIGHT PLACE.

Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, popularly known as TTimes & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park,  is a multi-domain, premium vocational ed-tech training academy and education solutions company which helps teenagers & youth to bring out their creativity so that they become highly successful experts and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom & career for life. Founded by CA Manoj Kumar Punalur, the center is located in the most happening place in Pune having accessibility to Railway Station, Govt. Bus Depo & Airport having distance within a radius of 5 Kms.

At Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park TTA KP, students get to choose from various degree and diploma courses under 6 domains & shape up their career. Students benefit from our prestigious institutional associations. All the programs at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park  are designed in such a way that it brings out creativity from aspiring professionals and also develop their overall personality, thus making them confident to grab their Dream Job or vis-a-via Start, Run and Grow their own Business Profitably & Successfully. Till date, Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park,  is consistently delivering quality education and relentlessly training all our students, we, at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park  have got an opportunity to train thousands of aspiring professionals, students, managers and technicians through our highly qualified pool of faculties and mentors, loving and caring support staff and student happiness managers, extensive and comprehensive course curriculum and our tried and tested systems, academic session plans as well as well researched, drafted and created manuals and policies that have brought excellent word of mouth for the Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, academy. The culture we follow here is, Only happy people work here and happy students study here at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park Pune branch.

Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, offers several professional courses that not only help in building technical competencies but also developing their managerial & entrepreneurial qualities, thus transforming every student into a professional, who is ready to take up new challenges and emerge successfully every time! At Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, we are always in the quest to offer new as well as relevant content to our students as a part of their syllabus. From design to management, we understand the level of theoretic as well as practical knowledge required by each industry. Courses at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, Pune are designed to create market leaders who are well equipped with knowledge that is relevant to the “Times” that they are working in as well as the latest “Trends” in that particular sector.

And last but not the least, we have got many awards and certifications, and the media has taken a note of it each time. Times & Trends Academy koregaon park, pune has also featured in & Entrepreneur. The Franchising World magazine. As we all know, good work never goes out of sight! And our media presence is proof of it.

Thousands have already benefitted and are referring others to do so. We are sure; you also want to be part of this success story. Come, enroll today and make the most from this golden opportunity and #SHAPE YOUR CAREER

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Irrespective of the chosen field, everyone’s idea of success involves the fulfilment of some fundamental requirements such as financial security, a stable career, and peaceful life. If you agree with the previous statement, what may further intrigue you is the right choice of course and institute, the amount that needs to be invested, returns that can be gained from it and whether or not they will be adequate to achieve your goals.

At Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, we absolutely understand your concern and therefore constantly work towards creating a robust environment that is in sync with your life goals and aspirations. We atTimes & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park  don’t limit ourselves to developing only professional skills, but also a wide range of soft skills so that you become the most sought-after professionals in the industry, equipped with the competence required to be successful in life. Our interactive teaching methods at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park, where not only creativity is welcome but so are mistaken as long as they are not repeated. Such an environment serves as a Launchpad for your career which is guaranteed to soar high. Following are our few salient features which would convince you to choose us:

Remember, if you have the will, we have the reasons for your success. All this said and done, we suggest you visit us once to have a magical experience yourself rather than repenting later when you hear it from your colleagues & friends! All the very best for a successful life journey, which is just about to begin at Times & Trends Academy, Koregaon Park