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Interior Designing Courses In Pune

In one way or the other, our surroundings have a profound impact on us. In different spaces such as our homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, etc, the environment around us influences our mood, emotions and behaviours. In the littlest of ways. 

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing buildings for a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment. The most important focus on interior design is to equip the space you reside or work in with the purpose it is supposed to fulfil. It is mostly defined as an experience that a space provides.  

A good interior design is pleasing to the eyes and the mind. It is also said to increase productivity, arouse happiness and a sense of soothing. Elements of interior design can help elevate confidence, empathy, creativity as well as incite energy.

best Interior designing classes in pune

Interior Designing Courses

The interior designing industry is booming at an alarming pace. The home interiors and renovation is estimated to be around USD 20 Billion- USD 30 Billion. In 2021, as reports suggest the market size of the Interior Designer industry is expected to increase by 3.5%

As more and more people are drawn towards this interior design, there are many programs that are teaching about this exciting field. Many institutions offer diploma, bachelor and master degrees for students interested in pursuing them. They can choose from wide-ranging courses that are full of creativity, art, science and designing techniques. 

Interior Designing Diploma courses can go up to three years which can be opted by students considering their educational background and their goals. They can also choose from various creative short term courses as well like Landscape, Modular Kitchen, Vastushastra, AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3Ds Max & Revit. Students can also opt for Interior Styling & Entrepreneur Courses to explore the industry more focusedly. 

As for students who are passionate about becoming Interior Designers and can visualize their futures as one, they can opt for a three year degree course. More opportunities crop up if you decide to pursue a two year Master course further on.

Times and Trends Academy at Koregaon Park provides A  B.Voc/B.Sc in Interior Designing degree in collaboration with the Sandip University/Singhania University along with a diploma/advanced diploma in partnership with Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. 

Interior Designing Courses Eligibility

At TTA, Students with 12th college certification can apply for interior designing degree programs and students with 10th high school certification can apply for a diploma course in the same.

There are no entrance exams for admission to these courses at TTA. We strictly follow the first cum first serve basis system for the process.

Interior Designing Courses Certification

If a student opts for the B.Voc/B.Sc program, they will receive dual certification from Sandip University/Singhania University along with Times & Trends Academy Certification. For students choosing the Diploma/Advance program, they will receive dual certification from YCMOU along with Times & Trends Academy. Students also become entitled to certification of the prestigious City of Oxford, UK.

Interior Designing Courses Scheduling and Flexibility

Here at TTA, we take our student’s comfort and ease very seriously. This is why we offer students complete flexibility while scheduling classes and choosing batches. 

For your convenience, the classes are conducted in three different categories. Student’s can choose from online classes which can be accessed at any time to benefit from engagingly creative audio-visual content. Additionally, we offer hybrid classes and students can select from three batches, namely morning, afternoon or evening as per the module. For those who prefer offline studying, we extend our classes to regular as well as fast-track batches. These can be taken during three slots; in the morning, afternoon or evening slot. 

Inclusively, students can opt for a weekend batch that is exclusively available for working professionals. For part-time study, you can choose a weekend batch or weekday batch depending upon your time availability and pursue Interior Designing while studying or working. 

Interior Designing course fees at TTA, vary according to the kind of program you choose to study. They will mostly start from 6k to 2 lakhs.

Interior Designing Course Duration

Course duration varies as per the course a student selects. Short-term software courses go upto one month to 6 months whereas diploma courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses can vary from one year up to 3 years as well.

Interior Designing Course Curriculum

With a comprehensive curriculum highlighting both theory knowledge and practical techniques, we ensure you receive a holistic education and industry-aligned awareness of interior designing to you.  

The course curriculum consists of basic colour theory, materials knowledge, furniture designing to space planning for flats, bungalows as well as commercial spaces like Clinics, Boutiques to Shopping Malls & Theatres with in-depth study of Electrical & Plumbing details.

Our major subjects from the curriculum include History of Interior Design, Sustainable Designing, Upcycled Designing, Hand Drafting, Software and Graphics and a lot more. It covers everything that is needed to design a space in explicit details. From colour knowledge to materials, furniture designing to space planning and building services, you receive research as well as vocational-intensive training. 

Interior Design Skill Set

We firmly believe that you only require an abundance of curiosity and passion to pursue Interior designing. With the help of these two skills, learning and practice become effortless and you are already one step forward into successfully being an interior designer. 

Interior Design Career Options

In a field as flourishing as this, career options are countless. It ranges from setting up your own firm to practising Interior Designing. You can choose to specialize and cover a niche from fascinating avenues such as Colours, Lights, Upholstery, Furnishings, Furniture, etc. One can also take one step ahead or with enough experience, start and own a business.

This industry gives a lot of freedom in terms of employment. As an Interior Designer, you can choose to do freelancing and work at your own convenience. It can consist of 3D designing and space planning for a variety of clients. Some of the other opportunities are working as an Interior Stylist and Modular Kitchen Stylist. Popularly established, interior designers work closely with architects so you can be associated and work alongside Architects and Civil Engineers.

Interior Designing Placement Trends

TTA, Koregaon Park will always equip their students towards a successful career. One of the ways we help achieve this is through placements. These happen all round the year depending upon the requirement of the industry. We are proud to announce that we have multiple tie-ups with small scale as well as large scale Interior Designing Firms and companies. 

Students are groomed, trained and instilled with proficient communication as well as technical skills for an all-round professional profile. They are prepped for interviews and provided with several opportunities to interview in different areas of the field for the student to select from.

Companies that hire Interior designing degree/diploma/certificate holders through direct hiring;

  1. Modular Kitchen Companies

  2. Furniture Outlets

  3. Design Firms

  4. Architect Firms 

  5. MNC’s 

It is important to note that design firms hire interior designers for client handling among other things.

How Affordable is Studying Interior Designing in Pune?

Pune is best known as the best educational hub and the “Oxford of the East” which is why it stands out amongst other cities. It is also popular for its high quality of education along with a good value for money. Moreover, the cost of living here is affordable and appealing to the student culture around the city. There are various places around the town specifically known for their affordability and student-friendliness. As per their ease, comfort and budget, students can choose their accommodation, food and other facilities without much trouble. Pune’s educational spots are also known to have a wide range of hostels for both boys and girls and PG’s.

How to Join Interior Design Course

Interested students can directly connect with any of the counsellors by filling the enquiry form on the website. Once that is done and you are fully informed of the course details, you can swiftly proceed with online registration. Students can directly reach out to us on our contact details provided on our website. On call, you may also further schedule an appointment with our career counsellor for a visit to complete the admission process. 


Interior Designing is a creatively liberating field that is providing a hopeful scope for students everywhere. It gives you flexibility and a lot of freedom while studying any program of your choice. Pursuing the field after your 12th would be a wise decision as you complete your Bachelor’s as well as Master’s comprehensively and pave exciting job opportunities. There are also many short term courses to fulfill your quench for learning interior designing. We highly recommend honing your curiosity and investing in a bright, successful future!