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“We help teenagers & youth to bring out their creativity & become a highly successful professional so that they can achieve peace of mind, financial freedom & a career for life.”

interior designing

Interior designing

Interior Designing

‘Home is where the heart is’ and everybody wants their home to look according to their aesthetic sense. Interior designing plays a pivotal role in the overall appearance of a room and hence Interior designing should be done professionally. In our course, we teach the students various aspects of interior designing and provide them first-hand knowledge in the form of industry visits, which gives them the opportunity of applying their theoretical knowledge practically in our interior designing courses. This field is gaining popularity with the changing lifestyle of people and therefore taking this course will surely prove to be profitable if you possess aesthetic sense, persuasive tendency and an eye for visualizing the big picture!

Interior Styling

Interior styling indeed is a modern art of making spaces appear more lavish, exotic or as per requirement. In this interior designing course, the students are taught how to choose the elements to be included in the decor of a space. A professional point of view in interior designing & styling is utterly necessary to make it appear just perfect. Through our Interior designing course, the student is made well equipped with the priceless guidance of our industry experts and teaching faculty, who have been working in the interior designing industry for years. To the student making most out of this interior designing course in pune, it is a life-altering experience!

Interior Styling course

Interior Business Management

Having the aesthetic sense and running a successful business requires two mutually exclusive skill sets and just like you need to nurture your artistic skills, the polishing of business managing skills holds much importance in the career of an individual aspiring to run a successful business. Our Interior designing course is specifically for those who are ready to take a leap of faith and venture into the business of interior supplies and execution of interior designing projects. Unlike popular belief, we claim that an outsider has a great chance of taking his business on height when rendered with the valuable knowledge of the business world, which our course is guaranteed to provide!

Interior Reverse Innovation

There are substantial amounts of technicalities in every field and not everyone is capable of handling those skillfully. This interior designing course is curated for the student to understand the technical aspect of interior designing which involves project management and estimation. Something of a yet unheard side in the field of interior decoration, but a promising career option on account of a steady increase in demand, this course gives the student an opportunity to interact with all the professionals concerning interior decoration.

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What sets us apart?

In the times when education is highly commercialized and the old values of educating and learning long lost, we aim to provide the students with all the knowledge they ask for and deserve, with full sincerity and integrity. Interior designing being a field where theory and practical knowledge is of equal importance, we maintain the same balance in our curriculum, not focusing just on bookish learning like our competitors. Interior designing courses at times and trends academy in Pune lay a step foundation on which the grand edifice of the careers can stand firmly and grow infinitely!

  • Updated Technical Knowledge with Practical Experimenting
  • Extra Online Programs for building The Unlimited You
  • Assisting for Placements and Guiding for Career
  • Industrial Visits, Short Workshops, and Business People Lectures
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Interior Design Mentor

Mr. Amit Danait

Chief mentor

Mr. Amit Danait is the Founder & Chief Editor of A&i Digest Magazine and Forum for Architects and Interior Designers.  Associating with Mr. Amit Danait comes as a great strength for Times & Trends Academy.Mr. Amit Danait proves to be a great knowledge repository for the interior aspirants at TTA, because of his vast experience & network in the Industry. 

The A&i Digest publishes a magazine since last 21 years which is read by thousands of the Architects, Interior Designers, Stylists, Builders, Corporates, Academies, Design Students, Business Houses and end Readers. A&i Digest also organizes huge Design Exhibitions, Events, Seminars, Conferences etc. along with Publishing the Magazine for past 21 years.