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“We help teenagers & youth to bring out their creativity & become a highly successful professional so that they can achieve peace of mind, financial freedom & a career for life.”

Other Specialization


Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science related to architecture. It has now gained popularity again as the people have realized it to be not superstitious but actually scientific. It has various sets of rules for how a house should be built and what should be located where in the house. Our course offers the student complete and authentic knowledge about this science, which they can later practice as a career, which with time has regained demand. They learn from our experts and are free to ask questions which are sure to be answered satisfactorily. Also we make it a point to make the students understand the logic and reasoning behind a principle which makes the comprehension of those principles easier for them. In short we prepare them to build a successful career!

Set design

Set designing is a branch of art direction that has gained importance with the increased number of events, be it small scale family functions or large scale corporate events. This field is immensely demanding in terms of creativity as the décor needs to be in accord with the nature of the event and sometimes in a limited space and lower budget. There is room for innovation and the ever-changing trends do not appreciate the repetition of any kind. This course includes training for inculcating in the student all the necessary attributes essential for the pursuit of a career.

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Landscape course


Landscaping is art designing gardens and spaces. It requires an eye for the color scheme, the judgment of the growth of different kinds of plants, extreme carefulness and discipline combined with a passion for the work. In this course we offer a vast knowledge to the student about different types of gardens, modern marvels in gardening, the planning of landscape according to the nature, function and size of the area and requirements of the client. This field requires quite a lot of hands-on experience and is made available for our students under the guidance of our expert faculty. This is a field that hasn’t been discovered by many students yet and hence the competition is a notch down here.

Modular kitchen

Modular kitchen has greatly contributed to providing more organized storage space which is highly convenient while making the kitchen appear tidy and structured. It thus goes without saying that it is very popular in all kinds of households. But it also needs to be planned properly, taking into consideration the characteristics of every house and that is exactly what we provide our students. The course we offer can hardly be found anywhere else which makes us unique but that does not mean the students need to compromise on any front as we are keen to providing only best-in-class teaching and learning experience!

Modular Kitchen
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What sets us apart?

In the times when education is highly commercialized and the old values of educating and learning long lost, we aim to provide the students with all the knowledge they ask for and deserve, with full sincerity and integrity. Interior designing being a field where theory and practical knowledge is of equal importance, we maintain the same balance in our curriculum, not focusing just on bookish learning like our competitors. Our courses lay a step foundation on which the grand edifice of the careers can stand firmly and grow infinitely!

  •  Updated Technical Knowledge with Practical Experimenting on sites.
  •  Extra Online Programs for building The Unlimited You
  • Assisting for Placements and Guiding for Career
  • Industrial Visits
  • Site Visit
  • Industry expert lectures.
  • Short Workshops
  • Business People Lectures
  • Interior Design Exhibition exposure
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